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Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ)

A National Initiative in Juvenile Justice

The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) program is a national initiative that highlights the importance of the victim in the juvenile justice process. The offender is obligated to restore justice to the victim by actively compensating the victim through restitution, community service, or both. Through the three principles inherent to BARJ programming (youth accountability, youth compentency development and community protection), Pennsylvania's Juvenile Act provides the structure for restorative justice to take place within the juvenile justice setting.

BARJ Principles

George Junior Republic is committed to the daily implementation of the three BARJ principles.

  • Youth are held accountable for their actions by actively repairing the harm to individual victims and communities through monetary payment, performing community service, and attending Victim Awareness classes
  • In order to attain competency development, youth are taught new skills and work habits that improve their conflict management, empathy, and ability to work effectively with others
  • While participating in restitution and/or community service projects, youth are carefully monitored to ensure that the safety and protection of the community are met

By equally addressing each of the three principles, the youth at George Junior Republic can begin to restore the victim to the state of well-being that existed prior to the offense.

Active Restitution and Community Service Programs

The following projects are examples of ongoing restitution/community service projects in which George Junior Republic youth engage in:

  • Wesley Grange Buckwheat Pancake Dinner
  • Rotary Club tree planting in Grove City
  • Hunter’s Park tree planting
  • Pine Township litter removal
  • Lawrence-Mercer Counties recycling/solid waste department
  • Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
  • Grove City beautification
  • Park restoration
  • United Way
  • Grove City Historical Society

To inquire about the Balanced and Restorative Justice youth services program, contact George Junior Republic at 724-458-9330 x3131 and ask to speak with the BARJ Coordinator.