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Preventative Aftercare, Inc.

Program Overview

The organizational belief of George Junior Republic is that at risk children and adolescents should be treated in the least restrictive envirnoment appropriate to their needs.  Many youth can be maintained in their home with structured routine and support systems.  In an effort to further this philosophy, in 1992, George Junior Republic designed and implemented Preventative Aftercare, Inc. to provide in-home, school, and community-based  prevention and aftercare services for children, families and young adults throughout Pennsylvania.  Recognizing the significant impact that Preventative Aftercare service had on the well-being, safety, development and permanency of children, youth and families, in 2008, Colorado Boys Ranch partnered with George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania and Preventative Aftercare, Inc. This partnership supported the implementation of Preventative Aftercare programming throughout Colorado.  Since that time services have also expanded to include Ohio. 

Preventative Aftercare Programming

  • Designed to be highly flexible allowing the needs of individual counties to be met in a creative manner
  • Includes services for dependent, neglected, adjudicated delinquent youth as well as their families and young adults
  • Provides services in multiple settings to male and female youth ranging from infancy to 21 years of age
  • Provides treatment services to children and their families in their homes, schools and communities
  • Services vary in level of intensity and are provided in multiple settings.
  • Positive reinforcement is provided through youth and family stipends and activity funds in the most intensive programs.
  • Collaboration within the community on behalf of the client for any necessary treatment services outside of Preventative Aftercare.
  • Offers caseload size ranging from 7 to 12 youth and families with flexibility to accommodate more children based on program design.

Services Provided

  • Family Preservation
  • Family Reunification
  • Supervised Visitation
  • Truancy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Independent Living
  • Placement Alternatives
  • Prison Visitation
  • Reintegration


  • Promotion of safety
  • Promotion of well-being
  • Promotion of permanency
  • Prevention of  out-of-home placement
  • Reduction in the overall dependency on state/private social service organizations
  • Reduction of  police involvement
  • Impact siblings of ungovernable youth
  • Reducing time in placement

Serving Youth and Families Across States

The program philosophy and design of providing treatment services with the client's community and home environment has been met with considerable success.  As a result, George Junior Republic's Preventative Aftercare programs continue to expand throughout various counties and states.  Overall, Preventative Aftercare in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado operates 85 programs, which serve over 700 families each day and over 2,100 families each year. 

Promising Practice

The Preventative Aftercare program meets promising practice status and is considered evidence supported.  Outcomes for the PAC approach are formally and independently researched by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work.  Please visit Preventative Aftercare Research for more information. 


For more information about obtaining Preventative Aftercare in your area or to make a referral, please contact the Vice President of Support and Community Based Programs at 724-458-9330, x2101.