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Job Readiness

Preparing Students for the Hiring Process

George Junior Republic has a strong commitment to helping students find employment upon leaving our facility. Throughout the academic year, seniors who will be seeking employment immediately following high school meet with school Guidance Counselors to discuss and prepare for the hiring process. For all our students, employability skills are built into a curriculum that is designed to lead each student to a better understanding of workplace expectations.

Students participating in the vocational program are taught employability skills through hands-on work in the vocational shops. After graduation, students leave with task lists, industry recognized certifications, and OSHA training. Shop instructors rate students daily on professional and social behavior, attitude, communication, problem solving, and their contribution to the shop experience by showing students their strengths and weaknesses on an “employability matrix.”

Working Closely with Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors work with students to complete interest inventories that help identify their interests and talents. This process targets possible career paths and serves as a guide to career research. Whether searching for post-graduation education or training or trying to obtain immediate employment, students receive advice and assistance from school counselors throughout the year.

Every student who completes the vocation curriculum at George Junior Republic will have received all available resources to help prepare him for the job market.