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Commitment to Community Service

Service Increases a Sense of Belonging

Throughout the year, George Junior Republic youth have the opportunity to connect with the community by participating in service projects. Studies show that service learning teaches youth that community service is a lifelong expectation of community living.

Grove City Memorial Gardens

The Rotary Club of Grove City, working with the Borough of Grove City, presented the Memorial Garden to the community in 1996. Located at the Grove City Community Park, the Memorial Garden was a gift to the residents of Grove City in commemoration of the Club’s 75th anniversary. George Junior Republic youth, representing the Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) program participate in the care and maintainance of the gardens in partnership with the Rotary Club.

Strawberry Days Festival

The Grove City Strawberry Days Festival is held each year and consists of vendors, live music, children’s activities, and a chance for community members to enjoy fresh, local strawberries. BARJ program participants work with festival organizers to set up tents and food booths for the annual event

Wesley Grange Pancake Dinners

The Wesley Grange, celebrating its 100th anniversary,  has been hosting Sausage and Pancake Dinners for the past 78 years.  This long standing tradition is one that the entire community looks forward to.  It has also been an opportunity for the BARJ program participants to get involved and serve.

Grove City Community Food Pantry

It is through the help of The United Way, local businesses, churches, and individuals that the Grove City Community Food Pantry is able to continue to serve the less fortunate of our community.   In 2005 the pantry had about 95 families enrolled.  There are now over 750 families enrolled, which is approximately 1,600 individuals.  It is our pleasure to have student and staff volunteers from George Junior Republic assist in the sorting and distribution of holiday food supplies.