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Admission Coordination

Youth's Transition into Care

Upon admission to George Junior Republic, General Residential youth are greeted by a member of the Transitional Care Team while youth in the Diagnostic, Special Needs or Intensive Supervision programs are greeted by a Treatment Team member.  A comprehensive, individualized, orientation experience will be offered to provide a welcoming and supportive connection to assist the youth in feeling more at ease and comfortable in their transition to George Junior Republic.

During this transitional phase, the Treatment Team will provide the following supports:

  • Introduce the youth to their new living environment
  • Notify the family and placing agency of the youth's arrival to campus and provide contact information of the treatment staff
  • Introduce youth to his treatment team and define their roles
  • Provide the youth with an overview of their treatment program
  • Provide adjustment support, advice and counsel to the youth
  • Identify any safety and security concerns of the youth
  • Introduce youth to auxiliary staff
  • Provide the youth a tour of the campus
  • Introduce youth to the academic and/or vocational opportunities
  • Provide initial academic testing through the Grove City Area School District
  • Provide the youth with an orientation to the Motivational System
  • Identify treatment goals and begin establishing a discharge plan
  • Assess the youth's adjustment to the program