For 60 years, George Junior Republic has proudly maintained an educational partnership with the Grove City Area School District. There are over 80 Grove City Area School District employees working with youth at the Maurice B. Cohill, Jr. Academic Center.

George Junior Republic assesses each student upon arrival to campus. Based on their individual needs and past school records, they are placed into an academic track such as general academics, career and technical (vocational), or college prep. Students receive 140-hours of instruction per month in classes that are led by a certified teacher and a teacher’s aide. To maximize the effectiveness of the academic setting, classes hold only 10 to 18 students. Our academic setting and extensive after school services allow students to gain up to two years of reading and math skills in only six months.

Our academics include:

It is common for students who arrive on our campus to have fallen behind in earning academic credits. To help students keep up with their peers, we have designed a special credit recovery program. Each student undergoes a thorough credit audit to determine which areas need immediate attention. The guidance department designs a schedule based on this audit and each student will have the opportunity to make up any needed credits.

Art education is a program that helps our students develop creativity as well as academic skills. Students can dabble in various forms of art such as drawing, painting, 3D art, etc. An art show is held every year to allow our students to showcase their work.

The structure of the math curriculum focuses on functional math. However, the school offers a range of classes from specific remediation of concepts to more advanced courses such as trigonometry. School counselors take into consideration each student’s individual need for credit, remediation, and specific courses when creating their schedule.

Music education is a component of our overall mission to help youth become responsible adults. The specially designed course that teaches the basic concepts of music such as pitch, harmony, melody, rhythm, and tempo builds on that foundation to emphasize original composition and performance. Although music is the means by which students are learning, the structure and discipline required in this course reinforce the skills needed across all academic areas.

Reading improvement is a top priority for us. As improvement in reading skills allows students to progress in all subjects, reading strategies are utilized across the curriculum. Most of the school faculty are expected to be reading instructors in addition to teaching their particular subject area. Reading courses address the specific needs of students, ranging from decoding to comprehension.

Our science department gives students a well-rounded experience by building a strong foundation in science education. Based upon the Pennsylvania Standard Aligned System, the curriculum teaches many different concepts through instruction of the scientific processes. A major objective of our science department is to increase student science literacy and help students understand how scientific concepts can be applied to everyday life. Teachers help develop problem solving ability using a scientific approach and investigative inquiry.


Each spring, George Junior Republic (in conjunction with the Grove City Area School District) holds a commencement ceremony to celebrate the academic achievement of the graduating students. Family, friends, faculty, staff, placing agencies, and judges are invited to the ceremony, where between 20-40 senior students receive their diplomas. For many, they are the first members of their family to graduate from high school.

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