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Grove City Area School District teachers provide career and technical education offered to youth placed in the general residential and special needs programs based on treatment team recommendations. Students enrolled in the career and technical program spends three out of eight periods per school day receiving vocational training in addition to the other required academic coursework. The career and technical program is closely aligned with the organization’s mission of helping at risk youth develop into successful adults capable of achieving a higher degree of citizenship.

Each vocational program provides students the opportunity to test for various industry recognized certifications. The education received at the Career and Technical Center is validated by these certifications, making it easier for our youth to find employment once they rejoin their communities.

The Auto Body Program is an instructional and training program designed to teach students the necessary skills to repair today’s vehicles. The program offers both theory and hands on training. Safety instruction is incorporated into each lesson as students learn to use various tools and machinery.

Areas of instruction includes:

  • Body refinishing
  • Basic metal repair
  • Collision repair and replacement
  • Non-structural metal repair
  • Welding

The Automotive Mechanics Technology Program is designed to provide students with training in diagnosis and repair of modern vehicles, as well as introducing them to the latest developments in the automotive trade. Students learn the basics of automotive repair with an emphasis on both theory and hands on training. Our automotive training facility has a separate classroom where students work on diagnostic computer programs, take various safety and pollution prevention classes, prepare for industry certifications, and study theoretical concepts. Safety instruction is incorporated into each lesson and demonstrated as students learn to use tools and machinery.

The Carpentry Program focuses on building basic and fundamental carpentry skills for students through classroom assignments and practical application. Carpentry students participate in construction projects where they apply their skills to real-world projects in the carpentry shop. This career and technical program collaborates with several outside programs that help our students learn the life skills necessary to contribute to society. 

The Food Service Program prepares students for employment in commercial or institutional food establishments or other food industry occupations. Our vocational school has a state-of-the-art food service and prep kitchen so that students can learn all aspects of the food service industry.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Planning, selecting, preparing, and serving quality food and food products
  • Nutritive values
  • Use and care of commercial equipment
  • Safety
  • Sanitation precautions

The Masonry Program stresses the necessity of having professional skills as well as the underlying importance of a strong work ethic to our students. These lessons reinforce the overall mission of our treatment program, which is to help delinquent youth become responsible adults.

Trade skills pertaining to brick, block, veneer stone, ceramic tile, concrete, and job layout give students the opportunity to become part of a skilled labor force after graduation. In addition, each student will earn Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification and safety training that will give him an edge when competing for employment.

The Welding Program offered at George Junior Republic rivals programs taught at community colleges or technical schools. Our welding students often leave with qualifications exceeding those of welders already working in the field. The program is taught to the standards of the American Welding Society (AWS), and most of the welding students leave residential treatment with a number of professional certifications.

Areas of instructions include:

  • Arc
  • Brazing
  • Gas
  • Flame cutting
  • Plastic welding

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