Drug and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Wellness services target youth identified as “status offenders” related to substance use or abuse that precipitated involvement in the juvenile justice system. Drug and Alcohol Wellness counselors engage the youth, their families, court personnel, school and community resources to collaboratively address identified substance abuse and other behaviors that resulted in youth involvement in the delinquency system. Individualized treatment and relapse prevention plans are formulated and include intensive drug and alcohol education and individual, family, and group therapy as indicated.

Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) principals of community protection, accountability, competency development, and individualization are the foundation for the Drug and Alcohol Awareness services. Drug and Alcohol Wellness counselors provide intensive, in-home and community based services to decrease substance abuse by coordinating care and treatment to begin to immediately address identified needs of the youth. Services are trauma informed and examine substance use patterns and history to guide youth on paths to recovery.

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