Balanced and Restorative Justice

Balanced and Restorative Justice Services employs Community Service Coordinators to address both victims and juvenile offenders in the juvenile justice process. This is accomplished through youth accountability and competency, and community protection. Juvenile offenders are held accountable for their criminal actions through developing impact statements, writing apology letters to their victims, attending victim awareness classes, and restoring justice to victims through community service and/or restitution work.

Community Service Coordinators develop networks within local communities and businesses to offer opportunities for juvenile offenders to complete assigned community service and restitution hours. While in the community, these youth are carefully monitored to ensure the safety and protection of the public. Community Service Coordinators provide weekly classes regarding victim awareness, encouraging youth to see their offenses through the eyes of victims while teaching conflict resolution skills and the how to work cooperatively with others. Aggression Replacement Training groups are offered to promote prosocial behavior using techniques to develop social skills, emotional control, and moral reasoning. 

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