Pre and Post Adjudicatory

Pre and Post Adjudicatory services involve supervision of youth in the community as they proceed though the Juvenile Court process with the goal of beginning to establish a sense of accountability. Youth are often required to comply with assessments and evaluations, attend various appointments, and court hearings, prior to final adjudication decisions. 

The Pre Adjudicatory support services allow the youth to remain in the community and in their current academic setting rather than detention. This may include GPS monitoring via a sub-contracted service provider. Preventative Aftercare workers provide face to face and phone contact with youth in the home, school, and community. These contacts assist in assessment and identification of youth and family strengths, needs, abilities, preferences, and compliance with probationary expectations.

Involvement in the Post Adjudicatory program can occur with the same Preventative Aftercare workers, when possible, to facilitate continuity of care. The Post Adjudicatory program provides individual and family therapy three to five days per week. 

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