The primary goal of Reintegration services is to facilitate the successful reintegration of youth from out-of-home placement to home, school, and community. Services focus on developing and maintaining the skills necessary to succeed in the home environment while identifying and mitigating potential barriers to success. Reintegration services can begin either while youth are still in placement or after they return home from out-of-home care.

Full Reintegration services include are comprised of three phases: placement, transition, and post-discharge.

Placement phase: While youth are placed out of the home, reintegration services provide monthly residential visits, weekly family visits, monitoring of youth home visits, and the development of a discharge plan.

Transition phase: In the weeks prior to transition from placement to home, all transition services to include medication management, therapy, physical health, education and vocation appointments are scheduled to ensure a smooth transfer of required treatment and care.

Post-discharge phase: Following discharge from placement, individual and family therapy and case management services are provided from three to five days per week.

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