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120 Day Treatment Program

Treatment Designed for Short-Term Placements

Due to the increased demand to treat youth in the least restrictive environment for a limited amount of time, George Junior Republic has developed a short-term program that provides structure, supervision, and therapy without compromising treatment. The 120 Day Treatment Program is designed to provide early intervention to youth not responding to court intervention. This program is intended to redirect the youth to understand continued delinquent behavior or dependency issues will lead to extended placement and court intervention.

Strict behavioral contingencies serve to help redirect the youth, provide accountability, and teach social responsibility while victim empathy groups, individual and group therapy, family therapy, and educational/vocational training serve to help interrupt the youth’s faulty decision making.  For delinquent youth, the Balance Approach to Restorative Justice (BARJ) is incorporated as part of the program.

Youth Served

  • Delinquent and dependent males, 8 to 18 years of age
  • Youth who require short-term placement to address their dysfunctional behavior
  • Youth who require a need to learn coping and social skills needed for successful readjustment to society
  • Youth who are able to:
    • Participate in social interactions with staff supervision
    • Perform assigned tasks with staff supervision
    • Participate in the on academic and career and technical programs provided through a partnership with the Grove City Area School District
    • Maintain personal hygiene and grooming with staff supervision
    • Refrain from absconding

A Structured, Home-like Environment

The 120 Day Treatment Program is designed to accommodate short-term, high impact treatment within George Junior Republic’s campus. Each home specific to this program is placed in a neighborhood like setting on our 500-acre campus.  The physical design of the home replicates a traditional family home that allows for a family room, kitchen, sunroom, and bedrooms (where each youth is assigned a roommate) and a master suite for the counselor/parents. This promotes a nurturing and home like environment while providing a structured short-term intervention.

Each home is staffed with a full-time professional counselor/parent couple (live-in married couple) who implements the teacher/parent model, which is a behavioral/educational model. The counselor/parents are carefully selected married couples, some with children of their own. At least one of the parents must have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences or a related field.  In addition, each home is assigned an evening child care worker who is awake in the home during the youth’s sleeping hours.


The George Junior Republic behavior modification system provides the primary means for teaching individual accountability. Individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol assessment and education, adventure based counseling, group speakers, and victim empathy groups are utilized while community service requirements emphasize social responsibility.

This program operates on a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach.  The treatment team consists of a master’s level therapist, counselor/parents, campus director, psychiatrist, and medical team.  The team collaborates to ensure that each youth receives an individualized treatment plan.  The family and placing agency are invited to participate in the treatment plan to ensure that discharge goals are identified and addressed.  Throughout the program, youth engage in daily opportunities to gain the necessary social and coping skills needed for successful readjustment to society.

The therapist provides individual and group therapy through outpatient services and, in coordination with the campus director, implements a treatment program to meet the individual needs of each youth in conjunction with supportive services. Group sessions are provided by a bachelor’s level counselor.

Our consulting psychiatrists are available to assist with program planning and development for youth who have difficulty within the program and been identified as possessing more severe emotional disorders than first indicated. A psychologist is available to provide testing as necessary. A full medical infirmary is located on site to provide routine care and treatment for physical health.

Academic and Vocational Services

Each youth is provided with a public education through a partnership with the Grove City Area School District. For more information, please refer to Academics and Career and Technical Center.

Recreational Services

The Program Department develops and implements a wide range of supervised activities for the youth within the 120-Day Treatment Program.

Home Passes and Visitation

Visits by immediate family members are available every weekend to promote family reunification and may include family therapy sessions. Visits are encouraged to occur on both Saturday and Sunday.  George Junior Republic may assist each family in making visitation arrangements.

It is expected that youth in the 120 Day Treatment Program successfully complete two home visits prior to a recommended discharge.  Each youth must show appropriate progress in his treatment in order for staff to recommend a home pass. Upon return, youth must submit to a drug screen. Home passes are a necessary part of treatment and allow each youth the opportunity to show his progress in both the home and community settings, as well as to prepare for reunification.

Please refer to the Parent Information Guide for more information.

Referrals and Discharge

The treatment team at George Junior Republic begins discharge planning during the first week of treatment and contacts the placing agency on a monthly and/or as needed basis regarding the youth’s adjustment. Various treatment issues as well as necessary support services are addressed on an ongoing basis.  Recommendations will be discussed at the end of approximately 30 days in the program to allow the placing agency adequate time to process the arrangements.