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General Residential Program

General Residential Program

The General Residential Program is a group home experience where youth reside in a traditional ranch-style family home with professional counselor parent couples who support each youth throughout his treatment. The goal of the General Residential Program is to provide males, 8 to 18 years of age, with a consistent and nurturing environment where he can begin to engage in meaningful relationships with his treatment staff and develop goals to plan for a successful discharge. The program is designed to assist youth in recognizing how his actions can impact his life and future. By identifying each youth's individual strengths and needs, meaningful and collaborative discussions begin and assist in the development of the necessary skills to create positive change. These skills are practiced daily and assist each youth in implementing positive behaviors into his life within a community setting.

Youth are provided with both individual counseling by a master’s level therapist and group counseling based upon individual circumstances and needs. Family counseling and psychiatric care is provided as determined to be necessary.

Academic and Vocation Education is provided through Grove City Area School District.  The GCASD is held to the Pennsylvania state standards for education and has joined the PA Academic Career/Technical Training (PACTT) Alliance.  The GCASD works in conjunction with the youth’s home school to ensure each youth is appropriately placed in the most suitable curriculum.

Nursing staff are on campus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Comprehensive medical care will be provided to address physical health, dental, and vision needs in the medical center on campus. Safety plans are developed for medical and other conditions that could place a youth at risk.