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General Residential Program

A Firm and Fair Environment

The goal of the General Residential Program at George Junior Republic is to provide each youth with a structured, fair, firm, and consistent environment in which to develop appropriate socialization skills.  The program is designed to identify inappropriate behaviors and teach, correct, and reinforce alternative behaviors to the youth. Patterns of appropriate behaviors that are reinforced daily build patterns on interactions, which the youth will implement into his daily routine.  Individual and group therapy provided through outpatient services, complementing the coping skills taught through the behavioral system.  To meet the program goals, staff training and regular evaluations are conducted to ensure consistency and structure  throughout the entire program.

Youth Served

  • Delinquent and dependent males, 8-18 years of age
  • Youth who function and respond to treatment in an open residential setting with supervision
  • Youth who require coping and social skills needed for successful readjustment to society
  • Youth who require behavioral and clinical efforts aimed at teaching new behaviors and resolving dysfunctional behavioral and emotional patterns
  • Youth with limited capacity for tasks and goal completion, anger management, positive coping skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, or positive relationship skills, and who require supervision, support, and structure
  • Youth who are able to:
    • Participate in social interactions with staff supervision
    • Perform assigned tasks with staff supervision
    • Participate in the on grounds academic and vocational programs
    • Maintain personal hygiene and grooming with staff supervision
    • Refrain from absconding or engaging in self-harm

Creating a Home-Like Environment

Currently, George Junior Republic has numerous residential homes, each housing 8 to 10 youth. The homes are placed in a neighborhood setting on our 500 acre campus. The physical design of each home replicates a traditional family home, which allows for a family room, kitchen, sunroom, bedrooms, and a master suite for the counselor/parents. This promotes and fosters a nurturing and home-like environment.  Each home is staffed with a full time professional counselor/parent couple (live-in married couple) who implements the teacher/parent model, which is a behavioral/educational model. The counselor/parents are carefully selected married couples, some with children of their own. At least one of the parents must have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences or a related field.  In addition, each home is assigned an evening child care worker who is awake in the home during youth sleeping hours.

Teams Design a Comprehensive Treatment Program

Upon admission, each youth is placed in the Orientation Program for approximately 28 days. This time period is utilized to assist the youth in making a positive transition into the treatment setting by “orienting” the youth to the campus rules and regulations, and administering a medical exam and/or addressing any other medical concerns. After the initial orientation phase, each youth is assigned a home on campus where he can begin to experience group home living. The design of the group home living is a key ingredient in each youth’s life at George Junior Republic. Based on the premise that all youth adopt role models, George Junior Republic’s staff is highly trained in appropriate therapeutic role modeling and behavior modification.

This program operates on a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach.  The treatment team consists of a master’s level therapist, counselor/parents, campus director, psychiatrist, and medical team.  The team collaborates to ensure that each youth receives an individualized treatment plan.  The family and placing agency are invited to participate in the youth’s treatment plan to ensure that discharge goals are identified and addressed.  Throughout the General Residential Program, each youth will engage in daily opportunities to gain the necessary social and coping skills needed for successful readjustment to society.

Individual therapy is provided by a master’s level therapist through outpatient services. Treatment is based upon cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge each youth’s belief system, thought processes, and related behaviors. Group therapy is implemented as recommended by the treatment team and can be expanded to accommodate further treatment needs. Therapeutic milieu, implemented by the counselor/parents, is based upon a behavioral motivation system for which a pro-social and incentive based system fosters positive changes within the youth and assists the youth in gaining control over his own behaviors.

Our consulting psychiatrists are available to assist with program planning and development for youth who have had difficulty within the program and for those who have been identified as possessing more severe emotional disorders than first indicated. A psychologist is available to provide testing as necessary. A full medical infirmary is located on site to provide routine care and treatment for physical health.

Academic and Vocational Services

Each youth is provided with a public education through a partnership with the Grove City Area School District. For more information, please refer to academic and career and technical programming as listed under Education.

Recreational Services

The Program Department develops and implements a wide range of supervised activities for the youth within the General Residential Program.

Visitation and Home Passes Promote Family Reunification

Visits by immediate family members are available every weekend to promote family reunification and may include family therapy sessions. George Junior Republic encourages visits on both Saturday and Sunday and can assist each family in making visitation arrangements.

A youth may also earn six scheduled home passes per year during his residential treatment. These passes occur in February, April/May, June, August, November, and December. Each youth must show the appropriate progress in his treatment in order for staff to recommend a home pass. Home passes are a necessary part of treatment and allow each youth the opportunity to show his progress in the home and community settings, and prepare for reunification.

Please refer to the Parent Information Guide for more information.

Referrals and Discharge

The treatment team at George Junior Republic coordinates discharge and referral for each youth in conjunction with the probation officer, caseworker and family. Various treatment issues as well as necessary support services are addressed on an ongoing basis. Recommendations will be discussed approximately 60 days into the program to allow the placing agency and the family adequate time to process the arrangements.

Youth completing the General Residential Program are usually referred for discharge to their parents’ or guardian’s home. Youth may be referred to an alternative placement, depending on the resources available to them. Aftercare services are recommended to assist the youth in his adjustment to the community and home.