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Intensive Supervision Unit

Intensive Supervision Unit Program

The Intensive Supervision Unit Program is designed to offer a safe, self-contained, staff secure treatment environment to males, 13 to 18 years of age, who present high-risk behaviors and/or are a threat to abscond. The units have 30 second delayed egresses and have a high staff to youth ratio in order to provide maximum supervision. A structured and disciplined lifestyle is provided and encouraged for each youth in order to support progress and move forward to incrementally less staff supervision. As youth adjust, cooperate within the boundaries of the program, demonstrate the ability to work with staff and display consistent positive progress, they are given increased opportunities to make positive decisions. Transition to less structured programming is coordinated when the youth has demonstrated success in these areas.

Individual counseling by a master’s level therapist and group counseling sessions are implemented to assist a youth in developing pro-social values while positively reinforcing appropriate skills and replacing dysfunctional behavioral patterns. Family counseling and psychiatric care is provided as determined to be appropriate.

The Intensive Supervision Unit program has an educational classroom within the facility which is operated by Grove City Area School District (GCASD). The GCASD is held to the Pennsylvania state standards for education and is affiliated with the PA Academic Career/Technical Training (PACTT) Alliance. The GCASD works in conjunction with the youth’s home school to ensure each youth is appropriately placed in and is educated based on the most suitable curriculum.

Nursing staff are on campus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. On-campus comprehensive medical care is provided to address physical health, dental, and vision needs. Safety plans are developed for medical and other conditions that could place a youth at risk.