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Shelter Care Program

George Junior Republic has been providing shelter care services since 1984.  This program services both delinquent and dependent youth.  George Junior Republic’s shelter care is designed for youth in need of a staff secured environment, awaiting court disposition or placement, requiring a sanction, or needing temporary respite.

Youth Served

  • Delinquent and dependent males, 8 to 18 years of age
  • Youth who are in need of temporary respite or sanction or those awaiting disposition or placement at George Junior Republic or another facility


The Shelter Care Program is located within George Junior Republic’s Crisis Intervention Unit South facility.  It is staff secure, self contained, and highly structured facility with 30 second delayed egresses to prevent absconding.  The Shelter Care facility is staffed with a campus director, a master’s level therapist, clinical managers, a clinical manager aide, a cook, and two evening child care workers with the availability of all other support services staff.

Approach to Treatment

The program operates from a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach. A master’s level therapist assigned to the facility will provide services for the youth and their parents and will be responsible for doing an in-take study and coordinate youth programming with the placing agency. Each youth’s programming is individualized and coordinated with various departmental personnel. George Junior Republic’s consulting psychiatrists and psychologist are available to provide testing, medication management, diagnostic assessments, and assist in the overall treatment planning.

Each youth is provided with a physical examination within 24 hours after admission as well as having medical and dental services available as needed.  The on going program involves routine daily care and supervision, education provided through the Grove City Area School District, therapeutic recreation, program documentation, and availability of the full range of diagnostic services.

Contract Services Provided for Shelter Care

  • Temporary shelter care beds available at all times for short term placements, with admission 24 hours a day
  • Individual counseling provided weekly by a master’s level therapist
  • Therapeutic milieu is provided by the clinical managers/aides
    • The therapeutic milieu is based on a behavioral motivation system for which a pro-social and incentive-based system fosters positive changes within the youth and assists the youth in gaining control over his own behaviors.
  • 24 hour supervision in a staff secured facility
  • Daily recreational activities
  • Initial physical examination within 24 hours and routine medical care

TREATMENT Services Provided that May Require an Additional Cost

  • Psychiatric mental status examination at current fees for service
  • Psychological diagnostic services at current fees for service
    • Tests that can be requested include but are not limited to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Revised (WISC-R), and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised (WAIS-R).
  • Other services may be provided or arranged upon request at the current fee-for-service rates

Academic Services

All youth participate in academic programming provided by the Grove City Area School District.  Educational opportunities take place during the regular academic year, as well as during the summer. 

Recreational Services

While present in the Shelter Care facility, youth have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and recreational pursuits. During each evening, the youth participate in a study hour in order to complete assigned homework relative to academic progress and a quiet time hour when they are able to read, write letters, or engage in other solitary pastimes.

Learn more about recreation at George Junior Republic.

Family Visitation is Welcome

The Shelter Care Program welcomes visits by immediate family members, who may visit every weekend to promote family bonding. George Junior Republic encourages visits on both Saturday and Sunday and can assist each family in making visitation arrangements. Due to the temporary nature of the Shelter Care Program, home passes are not permitted. If a youth is assessed and transitioned into one of George Junior Republic’s programs, he can become eligible for home passes.

Referrals and Discharge

The treatment team within the Shelter Care Program has the ability to make further treatment recommendations based upon observations or requested diagnostic services. Upon request, appropriate candidates can be considered for placement within one of George Junior Republic’s residential programs.