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Balanced and Restorative Justice Community

The Balanced and Restorative Justice Community Program is designed to address the importance of the victim in the juvenile justice process through youth accountability, competency and community protection.  Offenders are held accountable for their crime by developing impact statements/ apology letters, attending victim awareness classes and restoring justice to victim through community service and/ or restitution. 

The Community Service Coordinator will collaborate with local boroughs and businesses to provide opportunities to complete assigned community service hours and/ or restitution hours.  The Community Service Coordinator will provide weekly group education classes addressing Victim Awareness which will allow the youth to see the offense through the eyes of the victim while teaching conflict resolution skills, empathy, and how to work effectively with others.  Aggression Replacement Training groups are also provided to teach the youth more appropriate coping and anger management skills.

While participating in community service/ restitution, youth are carefully monitored to ensure the safety and protection of the community.  Transportation may be included.