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The Diverson program is a community based program that provides therapeutic services and case management for at-risk youth and families.  The youth, males and females, range in age from 10-18.  Youth and families are not involved with Children, Youth and Families (CYF), therefore the Diverson program allows for parents to voluntarily agree to in-home services.  Services are typcially 4-6 months and are designed to avoid further CYF involvement.  Individual and family counseling is provided at a minimum of 2 hours per week, including at least 2 sessions in the family home per month.  A variety of individualized services may be warranted as family functioning is assessed, goals are collaboratively developed and skill building is supported.  The family and youth are assisted in creating a positive, safe environment, improving communication and positive coping skills.  In addition, providing case management services, on-call availability and networking in the community for additional services allow the family to establish sustainable resources.