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Foster Care Reunification

The Preventative Aftercare Foster Care Reunification Program is designed to provide supervised visitation between the parents and the child who is residing in foster care.   Services include visitation, parent mentoring, supportive services and reunification. 

The Reunification Counselor conducts weekly visitation for the parent and the child.  Individual counseling is available for the child based upon age appropriateness.  During the visit observation, mentoring and intervention are provided.  Parent Mentoring is utilized to strengthen the parent-child relationship through: positive teaching interaction; understanding child developement stages; improving communication between parent and child; developing appropriate consequences; and providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.  The parents are provided weekly individual parenting classes to enhance parenting skills and encourage bonding.

When reunification is appropriate, services are available to remain in the home.  Individual and family counseling will continue to occur for a designated time.  In the event of a crisis, 24 hour on-call service is available.  Networking in the community for additional services is provided to allow the family to establish sustainable resources.