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Independent Living

The State of Pennsylvania requires that Independent Living (IL) Services be provided to all youth between the ages of 14 and 21 who have spent time placed outside of the home.  Preventative Aftercare Independent Living Services are contracted through the county and provide youth transition from dependency to self-sufficiency through education and vocation as well as employment, health, housing, life skills and social skills.

All services are designed to meet state and local independent living requirements, including the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program and the Youth Independent Living Guidelines Bulletin.  This includes administering the Casey Life Skills Assessment at various intervals and identifying strengths and needs to develop goals on their individualized Learning Plan.  Opportunities are available for youth to attend field trips, camps, youth advisory board meetings as well as hands-on, experiential activities and age-appropriate education.  These opportunities are aimed at facilitating successful transitions to adulthood while assisting them to develop permanent connections to caring and committed adults.