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Preventative Aftercare Intensive

The Preventative Aftercare Intensive Program is designed to be flexible and creative, allowing the specific needs of each county to be addressed.  While doing so, the program is focused on providing youth and their families individualized care in the home, school and community environment.  Accommodating both males and females of any age, with various presenting concerns, the goal of Preventative Aftercare is to assist youth and families in identifying and utilizing community resources to avoid residential services and maintain permanency and/or assist youth and families in reunification once placement is terminated.

Short term and long term achievable goals are developed in areas where a need is identified.  The Preventative Aftercare Counselor is a resident of the community/ surrounding community and familiar with the geographical area as well as local resources.  On call availability for crisis management is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Networking in the community for additional services is provided to allow the family to establish sustainable resources. 

Youth Specific Services

  • Individual counseling 3 to 5 times per week
  • Individualized intervention based upon client's needs
  • Enhance self-esteem, social skills and social awareness
  • Enhance peer and adult relationships
  • Enhance problem-solving skills, coping skills, judgment and insight
  • Assist youth in engaging in age appropriate activities/ employment

Family Specific services

  • Provide family therapy one time per week
  • Assist in improving communication and creating awareness of each other's feelings
  • Developing a structured family routine
  • Enhancing parenting skills, coping skills and limit setting

School specific services

  • Maintain contact with school personnel to ensure attendance, assignments and behaviors are appropriate; assist with trauncy reduction.
  • Attend all relevant school meetings and encourage parents to advocate for their child
  • Assist youth and guardians in becoming their own advocates in the school setting.