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Reintegration Services are designed to facilitate the successful reintegration of the youth after out-of-home care has become neccesary.  The primary focus is assisting the youth in developing and maintaining the skills to succeed in community living and identifying any needs or barriers to this goal.  Reintegration Services can be designed to begin with youth and families while a youth is in residential care or after a youth is returned home from residential care.

Services can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual county by establishing the entry point of the program.  The full Reintegration service would include a placement phase, transition phase and post-discharge phase.  The placement phase would include monthly residential visits, weekly family visits, monitoring of home visits and the creation of a discharge plan.  The transition phase will provide and coordinate all transition services to include medication, mental health, physical health and education to ensure a smooth transition.  Post-discharge services will resemble Preventative Aftercare Intensive Programming by individual and family counseling, school collaboration and crisis management.  In the event of a crisis, 24 hour on-call service is available.  Networking in the community for additional services provided to allow the family to establish sustainable resources.