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Credit Recovery

A Special Program for Students Who Have Fallen Behind

Credit recovery is another unique program that George Junior Republic offers to help the youth entrusted to our care. It is common for students who arrive at George Junior Republic to have fallen behind in earning academic credits. To help students keep up with their peers, we have designed a special Credit Recovery Program.

Multiple Ways to Earn Needed Credits

Upon arrival, each student undergoes a thorough credit audit to determine which areas need immediate attention. Our Guidance Department designs a schedule based on this audit. Each student will have the opportunity to make up any needed credits in three ways:

  • Participation in an online program to make up credits outside of normal school hours
  • Attending a summer school program
  • Scheduling for a full eight credit course load

Every Student Has an Opportunity

Potential graduating seniors receive the first opportunity to participate in the credit recovery online program. George Junior Republic School Guidance Counselors schedule the students who can reach graduation requirements in the current year to ensure those with the most immediate academic needs are served. The next opportunity goes to those in 11th grade who are in need of credit recovery.

George Junior Republic offers credit recovery over the summer through online school as well, allowing each youth to work at his own pace. Typically, youth can complete the course in four to five months and earn 1.5 to 2 credits. The third and most utilized option is to schedule a youth for a full course load. Students are scheduled for the coursework they need most, based on their home school district’s requirements. For example, if a student did not pass 9th grade English, he will be scheduled for 9th and 10th grade English.