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Math & Reading

Every Student Receives an Individual Math and Reading Plan

Achievement in math and reading drives the education curriculum for youth at George Junior Republic. Each youth undergoes diagnostic services. He is then evaluated based on both the results of those tests plus his academic history. After staff reviews this information, the student receives a course schedule that will give him the maximum opportunity to thrive in our academic environment.

Students Learn Math from Remediation to Trigonometry

As most of the students at George Junior Republic are deficient in math, the structure of the math curriculum focuses on functional math. However, the George Junior Republic School offers a range of classes from specific remediation of concepts to more advanced courses such as trigonometry. Title One math remediation is offered at every student’s current functioning level. School counselors take into consideration each student’s individual need for credit, remediation, and specific courses when creating his schedule.

Reading Improvement Is Key to Progress

Reading improvement is a top priority at the George Junior Republic School. As improvement in reading skills allows students to progress in all subjects, reading strategies are utilized across the curriculum. Most of the school faculty are expected to be reading instructors in addition to teaching their particular subject area.

Reading courses address the specific needs of students, ranging from decoding to comprehension. Each student has an opportunity to participate in Title One reading remediation as well. Not only is reading essential for our students to be successful in their home environments, but studies have shown that a higher reading level helps lower recidivism rates.

Accelerated Reading Program Helps Manage Independent Reading

The George Junior Republic School is committed to the Accelerated Reading (AR) Program, which serves as a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. The Accelerated Reading program course map is as follows:

  • Determine reading level
  • Set practice goals
  • Personalize practice
  • Take an accelerated reader quiz
  • Receive instant feedback

The AR Program helps students maintain an interest in reading while providing feedback to teachers and families. Students learn comprehension skills and enjoy the wide variety of reading materials available in the program.