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Senior Projects

Senior Project Allows Students to Shine

The senior project at the George Junior Republic School is a graduation requirement and can encompass any aspect of the education a student has received while in our school. The scope of the project is based on the student’s date of enrollment and academic/vocational aptitude. Each senior is assigned a staff member to guide him through the selection and completion of his project.

No matter the format or subject, the senior project is an opportunity for graduating students to put all of the elements of their education and personal growth to use as they prepare to become adults ready to make a positive contribution to society.

Preparing for the Next Step in Life

Each project is subject to approval by the school principal and upon completion is presented to a panel of teachers, support staff, and administration from both the George Junior Republic School and the George Junior Republic residential facility. This process helps students prepare for post secondary education or employment interviews. The project teaches valuable social skills that can be useful in all walks of life. Projects are submitted in early May before the senior is eligible to receive his diploma.

Senior projects have taken many forms, including:

  • Academic research projects
  • Vocational projects
  • Campus based projects
  • Community service projects