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Recreation Facilitates Good Health

George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania recognizes the role of recreation in facilitating good health and positive social interaction.  Through daily involvement in numerous scheduled activities, youth learn to exercise self-reliance, build self-esteem, and place trust in others.  The primary of emphasis of George Junior Republic's recreational program is to afford each each student the opportunity to improve his health, attitude, character, and behavior though the participation in recreational activities, including intramural sports, club activities, daily recreation. 

Excellent Opportunities to Engage

Recreation center

In 2012, the completion of the Nanny Jean Hay Recreation Center added numerous recreational activities for students including two movie theaters, two student unions, a billiards hall, an arcade, a campus commissary, a chaplain's office, a barber shop, and an art studio. 

activity center/ turf building:

A 13,000 square-foot indoor turf field and activity center is located on the far end of our residential campus and provides a location for student indoor activities regardless of weather conditions or seasonal constraints.  The 70-yard indoor turf field can be easily seperated into four small fields with dividers. 

Student activities in the turf building include:

  • Flag Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Whiffle Ball
  • Kickball
  • Soccer
  • Disc Golf
  • Golf
  • Strength conditioning for varsity athletics