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George Junior Republic is dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk youth through a broad continuum of programs that engage the entire person and support the mental, physical, and emotional needs while teaching responsibility, citizenship, and skills that will help them grow into productive members of society.

The organization offers residential and community-based programs for at-risk youth and their families. The residential programs include state-of-the-art living facilities, fully accredited academic and vocational educational programs, leisure and recreation activities, and a broad continuum of medical care and mental health treatment. We strive to provide a therapeutic environment where youth can experience positive and lasting pro-social development. The affiliate community-based programs are designed to keep children and families together through prevention and aftercare services, intensive therapy, and school and community collaboration.

Each year, more than 3,000 youth and families are served through services provided on the 500-acre residential campus in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and  through community-based services located in various counties in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.

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