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Preventative Aftercare

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GJR Preventative Aftercare (PAC) is a comprehensive program that is family focused and community-based. It is designed to provide structure, supervision, and support for youth and their families to maintain permanency. Interventions are trauma-informed and provided at individualized levels of intensity within multiple settings to include home, school, and community.​


Designed to assist youth in avoiding of out-of-home care whenever possible and appropriate and improve maladaptive behaviors.
If out-of- home care becomes necessary, this service will assist youth and families in reunification once placement is terminated.
This service serves as the foundation for all other program services.


Assists in “diverting” youth and their families from involvement with Children, Youth, and Families (CYF) agencies through voluntary in-home services.

Family Based
Mental Health

Utilizes a team based treatment approach, along with the Eco-Systemic Model, to eliminate the imminent risk of out-of- home placement and/or legal involvement of youth.

Independent Living

Provides support to youth from dependency to self-sufficiency through education and vocation, employment, health, housing, life skills, and social skills.

Pre and Post Adjudicatory

Develops accountability through supervision of youth in the community as youth proceed through the Juvenile Court process. GPS monitoring is available.

Prison Visitation

The Prison Visitation program is established to provide supervised visitation between incarcerated parents and their children in a private and safe setting within the prison. 


The primary goal of this service is to facilitate the successful reintegration of youth from out-of-home placement to home, school, and community.

Truancy Prevention

Provides immediate and graduated interventions to interrupt the truancy behaviors by identifying the symptoms or causes of the behavior and improving self-concept, social awareness, and peer and adult interactions.

*Custom Services

Custom services are available to address the unmet community based needs of the contracting agency.  For more information, contact the vice president of admissions and community-based programs.

Balanced and Restorative Justice

Engages youth in repairing the harm done to their crime victims and the community. This program promotes offender accountability for youth who remain in their home environment.

Drug and Alcohol

Provides immediate and intensive drug and alcohol education and support services to youth with status offenses involving substance abuse by increasing awareness and providing education.

Foster Care Reunification

Incorporates supervised visitation, parent mentoring and supportive services to assist parents and youth in reunification after foster care placement has occurred.

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