Preventative Aftercare

Programs & Services

Providing a broad range of community-based services to youth and families.


This service is intended to divert youth and their families from involvement with Children and Youth Services agencies and Juvenile Probation through voluntary
in-home services.

Independent Living

This program is designed to facilitate planning and skill development to transition youth from dependency to adulthood and self-sufficiency. The programs are structured to meet state and local independent living requirements.


This service is focused on maintaining permanency to avoid out-of-home placement when appropriate. If out-of-home care becomes necessary, this service supports youth and families in reunification once placement is terminated.

Mobile Medication

The program focuses on supporting adults with serious mental illnesses. The community-based program currently serves Washington County Health Choices members.

Prison Visitation

This program was established to provide supervised visitation between incarcerated parents and their children in a private and safe setting within the prison.


This service is designed to facilitate the successful reintegration of youth from out-of-home placement to home, school, and community. Services focus on developing and maintaining the skills necessary to succeed in the home environment while identifying and mitigating potential barriers to success.


This service targets improving school attendance before requiring involvement with the courts and Children and Youth Services. The program is designed to interrupt truancy by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of the behavior.


The Restore Program is structured to provide services to male and female reentrants who identify as having low to high-risk ratings on the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS), have financial obligations to the county, and must satisfy victim program requirements.


Restore will teach participants how to support themselves positively while making direct amends to victims and the community.

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