Residential Programs

At George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania, we offer
a variety of residential services to best fit the needs of our youth.​

The Diagnostic program provides a 45-90 day comprehensive evaluation within a staff-secure, self-contained environment. A multidisciplinary approach is used to complete psychiatric, psychological, behavioral, substance abuse, and educational assessments. The Diagnostic program is highly structured and utilizes reinforcement schedules to assist youth in readjusting their behaviors.

The General Residential program provides a consistent and nurturing environment where youth can build and reinforce pro-social behaviors. Counselor Parents and/or Behavioral Health Technicians, who are part of the treatment team, provide a homelike environment, teach appropriate socialization skills, and reinforce alternative behaviors.

The Inpatient Non-Hospitalization Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation program provides education, intervention, and treatment and is dually licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Youth reside in a homelike residential setting with Counselor Parents. Therapy is provided twice a week by a master’s level Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialist.

The Intensive Supervision Unit program provides a highly structured and staff-secure residential environment for youth who demonstrate severe high-risk behaviors and/ or present a threat to abscond. Individualized treatment is supported with high staff-to-youth ratios and provides maximum supervision while involving youth in pro-social routines and activities.

The Special Needs program provides a staff-secure, self-contained, and highly structured environment for youth with moderate to severe mental health treatment needs or persistent/ recurrent disorders that can be managed through intensive treatment and therapy. Youth learn to develop coping skills to stabilize dysfunctional behaviors.

The Special Needs Enhanced program is staff-secure, self-contained, and highly structured and is designed for youth who present significant disruptions in other levels of care at GJR in PA. The Special Needs Enhanced program is clinically driven with enhanced behavioral health supports.

The Special Needs – Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) program offers medically necessary psychiatric treatment for youth with moderate to severe mental illness and require structured residential care. Licensed by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the program provides a highly structured, staff-secure setting for youth to focus on individual treatment goals within a small peer group.

The Secure Care program is designed to offer a safe and secure environment to youth who are adjudicated delinquent or alleged delinquent and court ordered to a secure facility. The Secure Care is self-contained, trauma informed and highly structured. This unit employs a high staff to youth ratio in order to provide maximum supervision. Using a Balanced and Restorative Justice focus, the goal of the Secure Care program is to provide community protection, accountability and competency development.

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The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) program is a national initiative that gives priority to repairing the harm done to crime victims and the community by defining offender accountability. 

If you have an upcoming community service project or are in need of volunteers, please contact the BARJ coordinator at 724.458.9330 x3131.

Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018

The organization has contracted with Cornell University to implement the Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) program, a Promising Research evidence-based model by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC). It motivates children and staff to adhere to routines, structures, and processes while minimizing the potential for interpersonal conflict.

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As an accredited CARF International program, GJR in PA is dedicated to meeting established service standards, ongoing quality improvement, and encouraging feedback from those served, stakeholders, and community members.

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Pennsylvania Placements – the organization is designated as a specialized setting. All GJR in PA residential programs are trauma-informed and provide service to one or more specific populations, including those who are or are at risk of becoming sex trafficking victims.

Out-of-State Placements – GJR in PA meets the qualifications/requirements of a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP).

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