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Older Youth Services

Modeling Skills for Youth

The Department of Child Services offers an array of services through the Older Youth Services (OYS) program for youth who turn 18 while still in foster care, in hopes of a successful transition into young adulthood.  George Junior Republic in Indiana has contracted with the state to provide OYS within 21 counties for young adults ages 16-21 years old.  The program is designed to teach and model skills, assist youth in furthering their education and in obtaining gainful employment.

George Junior Republic in Indiana Older Youth Services program:

  • Identifies youth who are expected to remain in foster care until their 18th birthday and assists them in making the transition to self-sufficiency
  • Helps identified youth receive necessary education, training, and services to overcome potential barriers to employment
  • Assists youth in preparing for and entering post-secondary education and/or training institutions
  • Provides personal and emotional support for youth aging out of foster care
  • Assists youth in locating and identifying community resources that will be available to the them throughout their lifetime
  • Encouarges positive personal growth in young adults by allowing them to make their own choices and learn from these choices

For more information about the Older Youth Services Program contact the Director of Home Based Services, by calling 812-447-9580.