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Adventure Based Counseling

An Experiential Avenue to Lasting Change

Adventure Based Counseling is designed to encourage positive risk taking in a supportive, compassionate, and noncompetitive environment. This progressive program encourages youth to step outside of their comfort zones in order to embrace new, transformative experiences. The Adventure Based Counseling program utilizes a therapeutic process that begins with an experience, which then serves as a catalyst for change. This is a different approach than traditional residential treatment models which start with analysis and discussion. A hands on experience may be particularly well suited for the adolescent males whom we serve.

 Solution Focused Therapy Approach

Adventure Based Counseling offers youth a unique opportunity to receive treatment through experiential learning and solution focused therapy. Youth engage in activities that will challenge their group physically, mentally, and emotionally through both individual and team based initiatives. The participants learn to be dependent on one another to accomplish their objectives. Group sessions are focused on goals developed with the Social Worker, Adventure Based Counseling staff, and personal interests. While exploring their strengths and areas where they can improve, youth learn a variety of transferable life skills that will serve them outside of treatment.

One of the Largest Indoor Climbing Facilities on the East Coast

The Adventure Based Counseling facility has one of the largest indoor climbing courses on the East Coast and boasts:

  • 3 High Air Challenge Courses at 12’, 22’ and 32’ levels
  • Over 55 High Air Elements
  • Multiple Stand Alone Elements
  • Numerous Ground Elements

The Adventure Based Counseling staff is Level 1  and Level 2 certified through the nationally recognized Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Many of the Adventure Based Counseling staff members are also Wilderness First Responder certified.

Adventure Based Counseling is just one of our programs that distinguishes George Junior Republic from other group homes. Engaging the entire person with these unique programs helps youth grow into responsible adults.